A Quote from the Scottish Bard Robert Burns: “ O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, to see oursels as others see us”

“I have been raving to all the “powers that be” here in New York City about you and your excellent work with us. Your ears have probably been ringing over all the praise. We enjoyed every minute with you – and can’t thank you enough for all your many kindnesses. You played a large role in our Scotland adventure”.
Brenda Fine, writer and Burt Fine, photographer, New York.

“My Driver Guide, Mike Hardie, was a real treat. He is knowledgeable – about Scottish history as well as knowing his way around, Mike was able to show me points of interest I hadn’t even considered. He is informative and courteous, a terrific ambassador for Scotland. I couldn’t have had a better guide, a real pleasure”.
Bill Ando, writer, Florida.

“You were a fountain of knowledge and did a fantastic job. All my guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I think they all now know where Arthur’s Seat is!”
Amanda Fernandes, Sales & marketing Manager, Corgi Classics Ltd, Leicester.

 “Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL tour through Scotland. We have enjoyed your professionalism, knowledge, and kindness immensely”
Sandy and Alexis Lehman, Texas.

“Mr Hardie has handled some of my VIP clients for the past few years. I have been extremely pleased with his careful attention to detail in meeting my clients needs and his knowledge of Scottish history and geography is excellent.”
Stanley Dalnekoff, President, ATP International USA Inc, New Haven, Connecticut.

“We are sending you a collection of our national drink, Danish Schnaps. We hope you will enjoy it. Once again thank you for your interesting guidance, good humour and a pleasant travel around the country. We think we saw the Scottish nature at its best”.
Jesper Riisgaard, DLG, leading a group of Danish livestock farmers.

 “We reflect what a wonderful, fantastic, fabulous trip you took us on through the Highlands and the Isle of Skye. It was so great in every way, Mike. Your planning was super and the sights beyond compare. If we can ever come in handy as a reference, please let us know!”
Susan & Mickey Cavender and family, Tucson, Arizona.

“Scotland is beautiful and you accent is wonderful to listen to!”
Amber Arnold, USA.

“Thank you for being such a fantastic guide. Your willingness to adjust the schedule a number of times was much appreciated. Your knowledge of a wide variety of areas is impressive. You made our trip!”
Bill & Jeannine Bauman, Sarasota, Florida.

“Mike – I don’t know where to begin with our thank you. This has been a “Trip of a Lifetime” for us – our first venture overseas. Your extra touches: maps, research on lighthouses, little diversions, etc. We felt you were sharing the best of Scotland with us. Your kind, gentle spirit was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed your sense of humour. It was comforting to have your warm smile waiting for us”.
Audrey and Paul Nelson, Minnesota.

"Mr Framptom held your services in very high esteem”
Rita McIntosh, Ian McIntosh Travel, Edinburgh.

 “Many thanks for sharing your beautiful country with us over the past nine days. Your commentaries, tolerance and assistance have been most appreciated. Best regards from your Kentucky friends.”
Joe Framptom & other nine members of the Kentucky Investment Group.

"We could not have asked for anything more. Scott (aged 5) was quite taken with you and behaved better than we could have imagined. He learned so much, and his little mind is still churning all the things he saw and did. He has dragged me to the library to get out all the books on castles. He has had me on the internet printing out pictures of the castles we visited”.
Sheena Sim, Oakville, Ontario.


Bill Ando on board Cromarty Ferry Joe Frampton and Mike on Loch Katrine Krehel family at Scone Palace Mike and Azar family at Loch Lomond Krehel family at Stirling Castle Pladda Lighthouse, Firth of Clyde